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Options Tab Overview

Customize the online ordering expxerience

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The Options Tab is set up during onboarding with Spoonfed. However, if you have Setup access, you'll likely need to know how to adjust Options to accommodate changing catering needs.

Go to Setup > Online Ordering > Options.

Online Ordering Design

  • Hide Special Requests: Prevents customers from requesting changes to Orders.

  • Expand Online Order Details: All Menu Item details including allergens, calories, and descriptions automatically expand when viewing the Menu.

  • Embedded Integration: If your Online Ordering Site is embedded into another webpage, checking this box opens a new tab when the Site link is clicked.

  • Header Logo: Logo shows up in the Header on the left of page.


  1. Login Required: Customers must have a Registered Account and Login before they can place an Order.

  2. Self Registration: Allows Customers to Register and create a profile on their own. When not checked, all Customers must be added in the Back Office.

  3. Number of Guests: Allow guests to list how many are expected at an event.

  4. Online Order Editing: Check one or both boxes to let Customers manage and edit Orders they placed Online or placed for them in the Back Office.

  5. Item Notes: Like Special Requests but for individual Items. Customers can include notes such as 'no cheese'. If the 'Item Notes' box is not checked, Notes added to Items in the Back Office won't show up on the Order Confirmation.

  6. Order Slots: Ability to schedule different times for food to be delivered throughout the day. You can only have different times for one day under the same Order. Orders for different days are still made separately.

  7. Group Orders: An Add-On Feature that comes at an extra monthly fee. Please speak with a Spoonfed Support Specialist to learn more about Group Ordering.

  8. Pay Now: The Pay Now button allows a Customer to pay for an Outstanding Order. If you only take payments in the Back Office, leave box unchecked.

  9. Modifiers: Allows Customer to add multiple Modifiers to one Menu Item if they've ordered more than one.

  10. Discounts: Makes any Discount applied also apply to Service Charges. If unchecked, Discounts only apply to Menu Items. Discounts never apply to Taxes.

  11. Charge Disclaimer: Check box first, then type the disclaimer you want to display on Delivery Notes and Email Confirmations.

  12. Hide Draft Order Option: Customers can't save a Draft Order and return to checkout at a later time.

  13. Phone Number as a Mandatory Field: Requires phone number at Checkout.

  14. US Telephone Number Format: Must check if in the USA. Won't show international country code number. Displays as 999-999-9999.

Additional Delivery Options

  1. Special Requests Rename: Change the name of the Special Requests box shown at Checkout on the Online Ordering Site.

Edit Notification Options

Prior to this set Notification Time, you won't be notified in the Back Office if an Order was edited or not. This helps to keep the caterer from being oversaturated with updates regarding Orders. The Notifications Reminder counts the hours by the day, not by how long the store is open. If you want to be notified a day in advance, for example, enter 24 into the box below.

Register Info

In most cases, Register Info is not needed for an account and can be left blank.

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