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Enable Multi-Time Slots in an Order
Enable Multi-Time Slots in an Order

Edit an order that has multiple delivery times in the back office

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A Multi-Slot Order or Multi-Time Slot is a Feature that allows Customers to include Multiple Delivery Times within one Order on the same day.

If the same Customer needs multiple meals delivered to the same location at different times throughout day, they might choose multi-slots. This is a great choice for catering to all-day events, corporate meetings, and feeding an office for various meals.

Turn on Multi-Slot Orders

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Order Slots.

  2. Check the box to turn on the ability to add Order Slots. This only enables it for Back Office Users.

Enable Multi-Slots for Customers

  1. To enable this feature for Customers, go to Setup > Online Ordering > Options. In Options, find Order Slots under the 'General' section.

  2. Check the box in orange.

  3. Click Save.

Add/Edit a Multi-Slot in a New or Confirmed Order

  1. Go to the Order Module.

  2. Find the Order to edit.

  3. Click View/Edit.

  4. Click the Item Selection Tab.

Add a Time Slot

  1. In Order Slots, click 'Add Slot.'

  2. Input the necessary information to include a Requested Time to fulfil the Order by.

    1. While you can edit information such as Guest Count and Building Location, the only required information to include for a new Slot is the Requested Time. The other information will match that of the original Order by default.

  3. Click Save Slot.

Add Menus to the Slot

  1. Click 'Add Menu' to add a Menu to the Time Slot.

  2. At the bottom of the Menu, find Order Slot.

  3. Click the box to choose which Time Slot the Menu should be assigned to.

  4. Click Add to Order.

  5. Multi-Slots appear in consecutive Time Order under 'Your Choices.'

Edit a Time Slot

  • Click the Orange Pencil Button near a Menu to edit and change which Slot the Menu is set for.

  • Click the Orange Pencil Button near a Time Slot to Edit it's information.

  • Click the Red 'X' near a Time Slot to Delete it.

  • Click Confirm Changes to save any changes made to the Order.

Time Slots in Reports

Product Summary Report

Each Slot appears on it's own page. The Default Slot is appears on the first page.

BEO Report

Time Slots in the Calendar

In the Calendar Module, Time Slots appear in consecutive order by time each Slot should be fulfilled. This helps your team organize the day by when each part of an Order needs to be ready.

That's how to add Time Slots to an Order!

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