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Lead Time and Cut-Off Setup

Manage Lead Times and Cut-Off for when an Order is placed

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Read more about using about the Options Tab Here.

Set Up a Default Lead Time or Cut-Off Time

  1. Go to Setup > Online Ordering > Options.

  2. Scroll down to 'Branch Default Lead Time and Cut-Off Selection'.

  3. Find 'Working Hours Lead Time' and 'Cut-Off for Ordering'.

  4. You can either set up a Lead Time or a Cut-Off Time. To enable both, you must separate the two by making one for Delivery and the other for Pick-Up.

Working Hours Lead Time

The Working Hours Lead Time is how many hours or days prior to an Order Date a Customer can place that Order. This helps ensure that caterers have enough time to cook and prepare Orders for fulfillment.

In Spoonfed, Lead Times are calculated by the hours a store is open, not the hours in a day. If you're closed on Saturdays and Sundays, a Lead Time on Friday rolls over to the following Monday. It's important to remember this when calculating the Lead Time.

Find the Open and Closed Schedule in Setup > Online Ordering > Open and Closed.

Calculating the Working Hours Lead Time

Lead Time Formula

[Number of Hours Open] x [Desired Lead Time Days] = [Lead Time]

Set 3-day Lead Time

[open 8 hours per day] x [3 day lead] = [24 hours]

  • In the Working Hours Lead Time box, input 24. This creates a 3 day lead time based on when catering is open.

Note: for a 3 day lead time, don't input 72, as based on a 24-hour day. Always calculate the lead time by your business hours. Days the business is closed won't count.

Cut-Off for Ordering

Cut-Off Times set a time by a set amount of days prior when a Menu is available. You can enable Cut-Off Times to allow Orders for the same day, and up to 6 days before an Order is placed.

If you enable a 5-day Cut-Off Time for 3pm, all Orders can only be placed up to 5 days before the set fulfillment date, as long as 3pm has not yet passed. This means that if your Customer tries to place an Order that's set to be delivered within 2 days, they won't be able to select those dates.

  1. To create a Cut-Off Time, click Enable. By default, Cut-Offs are for the day before an Order Date. To make a Cut-Off so that Orders can be placed on the same day, click Same Day.

  2. Select the Time you'd like the Cut-Off to be.

For a standard 12pm Cut-Off, 1 day before, I'll select 12pm time and leave the Same Day box unchecked. Customers who order for the next day must place an order by 12pm.

Set Cut-Off By Day

Check Set by Day to create a Cut-Off Time specific to each day.

Separate Default Delivery and Pick-Up Lead and Cut-Off

To enable a different Lead Time or Cut-Off Time for Pick-Up Orders, check the box near 'Separate Cut-Off and Lead Times for Pick-Up'.

Fill in the Pick-Up Lead or Cut-Off Times as needed.

That's how to set up a Default Lead Time or Cut-Off.

Menu Specific Notice Periods

In addition to a Default Lead Time, Menu Specific Notice Periods can add customized Lead Times and Cut-Offs for individual menus.

Read more about Menu Specific Notice Periods Here.

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