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Add Items in a Fixed Price Menu
Add Items in a Fixed Price Menu

Learn how to add Menu Items in our updated V2 Menu Module

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Adding Items to a Menu is an easy and essential step to creating a Spoonfed Online Ordering Site. Once you understand the process, you can easily add and update your menus as they change throughout the year.

Watch the short video for a tutorial on how to add Items to a Fixed Price Menu:

Add Items to a Fixed Price Menu

Items in a Fixed Price Menu are all included in the entire Menu price and selection. They are typically are plates that have several different Items included in the overall Menu.

An example would is a cheeseburger with french fries and a drink.

Fixed Price Menus are also used to make large party buffets and events, such as a taco bar or sandwich lunch buffet.

  1. Click the Items Tab to add Items to the Menu.

  2. Click Add Section.

Add Section

  1. Add the Section Name.

    1. A Section organizes and categorizes different components of a Menu. Filling in the Section Name DOES NOT create a Menu Item.

  2. In a Fixed Price Menu, the Section Name only shows up on the Online Ordering Site if there are multiple Items to select within the Section.

    1. In general cases, the name won't show up and the Section Name simply acts as an identifier of what Item(s) are in it.

  3. Fill in the Name and No of Portions Per Person (box in the right hand side). Check 'Allow Bespoke Items' to allow the option to customize the Item in the Back Office.

Remember to frequently Save your progress in case the computer has an issue, or you accidentally make a mistake.

Add Item

  1. Click Add Item in orange.

  2. Enter in the Item Name. If the Item already exists in the system or has been used in another Menu, a drop down will show all the options for you to select and auto-fill.

  3. Otherwise, click Add New Item.

Add a New Menu Item

Enter the necessary details and any other information you want you Customers to know about the Item. You must input an Item Name, Item Type, and Price.

Watch the short video for a tutorial on how to add new Items to a Fixed Price Menu:

Item Type

The Item Type is a way to categorize stations that make the Item or help to run inventory and sales Reports.

Item Code

An indicator of the item to easily identify in inventory and accounting.

Item Price

For a Fixed Price Menu Item, Price is $0 because it's already included in the Menu Price.

An Item Description is for Customers to read any details about the food on the Online Ordering Site.

Production Notes are for the kitchen staff to view when making the order. They can also include anything about how to make the food which could be useful in Production. These notes will show up on the Production Reports in the Production Module.

Note that Customers can't see Production Notes and Kitchen Staff can't see the Item Description.

When all Item Details are entered, click Save.

You see the Item in the Item Columns below.

Click Save.

Adding More Data in Fixed Price Items

The columns on the right are only useful in Fixed Price Menus in an Extras Section.

Supplements are used to upcharge Customers for added ingredient costs and are especially helpful if you have different choices with different price points.

Add More Menu Items

Once you have the first Item included in the Menu added and saved, repeat the above steps to add the rest of the Menu's included Items. This would be the Fries and Drink.

When finished, click 'Expand All' at the top to view all the Items in each Section.

Add Multiple Items in a Section to Create Choices

You might have different choices of what a Customer can order in a Fixed Price Menu. For example, the Hamburger could come with a Drink of the Customer's Choice.

Once finished, the Section looks like this:

On the Online Ordering Site, the Customer must choose what Beverage they want with their Order. They can't choose more options than the quantity of Menus chosen.

If you Restrict the Number of Items per Section to 3, the Customer can order 3 choices of beverages as long as they've ordered at least 3 of the Menu.

Item Bullet Choices

If you want Item Choices to be evenly distributed by portion and quantity of Menus Ordered, check the 'Use Tick-Box Selection' box.

Read more about using this feature Here.

Delete an Item

  1. Click the X in the far right. This won't delete the Item from the System, just the Menu.

  2. If you delete the Item on accident, click the Undo button.

  3. Otherwise, click Save to update the Item Order and Section.

View on the Online Ordering Page

Watch the short video for a tutorial on ordering Menus Online:

After you’ve added all the Items to be included in the Menu, it’s best practice to view the Menu on the Online Ordering site.

Fixed Price Menu Items look like this on the page if only one Item is added per Section:

Click the arrow to view the Item Details, Allergens, Calories, and any other Nutritional Information.

If enabled, Customers can type special requests by clicking 'Add Note'.

Turn this feature on in Setup - Online Ordering - Options.

Read here to learn how your Customers can place an Order Online with Spoonfed.

That's how to add Items to a Fixed Price Menu!

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