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Menu Terms

An encyclopedia of Menu Terms you might need for creating the perfect Menu.

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Menu: Encompass all the aspects of a Menu that you offer on your site. Within a Menu, you include the Details, Sections, Items, Modifiers, Extras, and Supplements.

Menu Type

Indicates if a Menu is Fixed Price or A La Carte.

Fixed Price Menu

A Fixed Price Menu is for Menus that contain more than one Menu Item to make one overall price. Fixed Price Menus might have optional choices, but overall one price covers all the Menu Items included in the Menu.

e.g. Dinner Buffet or Sandwich Lunch Combo.

A La Carte Menu

An A La Carte Menu is designed for Menu Items that all have their own prices. They are ordered as individual Items, rather than a combined package.

e.g. Dessert Menu or a Sides Menu.


Organizes and categorizes different components of a Menu to include Items, Item Choices, Extras, and Supplements. Filling in the Section Name DOES NOT create a Menu Item.

e.g. Within a Section, select two Items from a list of Entrees.

A (generally) food item that is saved in the system and ordered. These are any individual food items or plates that are included in or chosen within a Menu. While typically used to account for and order food, Items can also include labor, services, and other catering inclusions like utensils.


An Item with an Upcharge. If added, the cost is multiplied by how many Menus or Supplements are chosen and added to the price.

e.g. $4 for Steak x 12 Guests = $48 upcharge.

Extras Section

An A La Carte Menu within a Fixed Price Menu whose quantity is not attached to the overall Menu quantity. Assists with upselling to Customers.

Allows for different options connected to how a Customer orders and customizes an Item. It might be a cheese selection, or whether or not they want an Item served with a certain condiment.

A feature that allows Item customization for bespoke orders and requests that don't meet a pre-existing Menu. When enabled, Items can be added ad hoc while creating an Order.

The Bespoke Menu Feature must be enabled by a Spoonfed Customer Support Partner. Reach out if you don't see this feature and would like to activate it.

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