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Should I Create a Fixed Price or A La Carte Menu?
Should I Create a Fixed Price or A La Carte Menu?

How to decide which Menu type to create

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Fixed Price Menu

A Fixed Price Menu is for Menus that contain more than one Menu Item to make one overall price. Fixed Price Menus might have optional choices, but overall one price covers all the Menu Items included in the Menu.

An example of a Fixed Price Menu might be a burger with french fries and a soda, all included for a price of $10. You are not ordering these items separately, rather they are all part of the "Burger" Menu.

A La Carte Menu

An A La Carte Menu is designed for Menu Items that all have their own prices. They are ordered as individual Items, rather than a combined package.

An A La Carte Menu might be a Beverage Menu, that lists different drinks a Customer can choose from.

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