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Add Item Types in Setup

Categorize Menu Items to help with reporting and kitchen prep

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What Are Item Types?

Item Types are convenient ways to categorize Menu Items so that it's easier to separate tasks in the kitchen. They might be categorized by station in the kitchen, like Hot Station or Cold Station. They might also be labeled by type of food, like Sandwich or Dessert.

Add Item Type

  1. Go to Setup > Organization > Item Types.

  2. All current Item Types are found here.

  3. Click Add Item Type to add a new Item Type.

  4. Enter the Details as needed.

  5. Click Save.

Exclude from Order Summary for Customer

Check 'Exclude from Order Summary for Customer' to keep the Item Type from showing up on an Order Summary or Order Confirmation. That would show up or not show up here.

Show Totals in Production Reports

Check 'Show Totals in Production Reports' to show how many Item Types were ordered for a given time on a Production Report.

Other Functions

  • Click View/Edit to edit an Item Type.

  • Click Delete to delete an Item Type. If you delete an Item Type, any Menu Items assigned to that Item Type won't have an Item Type anymore. You should go to those menus and re-assign them to a different Item Type.

Find Item Type in a Menu

In a Menu

  1. Find the Item Type by going to the Items Tab of a Menu.

  2. Click into a Section in the Items Tab.

  3. Find the Item Type listed under 'Category.'

In an Item

  1. On an Item Page, find and change the Item Type in the Item Type column.

  2. Click Save if you make any changes.

That's how to use Item Types!

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