Delivery Zoning is really helpful to ensure you only receive Orders for locations to which you can deliver - and also to allow for making Delivery Charges based on delivery location.

If you're a multi-site operator - the third benefit for you is the ability to map Delivery Zones to specific sites for Production and Delivery purposes.

The Zones can also be related to zip or postcoding - for USA, Canada, UK, Australia. If your organization isn't located on one of these countries then please use the Manual Delivery Zone option at the bottom of the page.

Zones which are linked to Post or Zip Codes use a geo-location (latitude and longitude) to map the Zip/Post Code entered by your Customer online. If the Post or Zip falls outside of all of your Delivery Zones, the Customer will receive the following polite message...

 So, to Setup a new Zone, just use the Add New Delivery Zone link (image) and then start adding pins to your Zone - using the Add New Point to Current Zone (image). Remember to Save your current Zone before adding another.

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