To set up Delivery Zones, go to Setup > Organization > Delivery in Back Office

Delivery Zones are a really helpful to ensure you only receive Orders for locations to which you can deliver - and also to allow for making Delivery Charges based on delivery location.

If you have a standard set of Delivery Zones you can also add more Delivery Zones for areas further afield, and set up a Delivery Charge specific to each Zone. This allows you to increase your reach whilst covering the cost of the extra distance.

If you're a Multi-Site operator - another benefit for you is the ability to map Delivery Zones to specific stores / kitchens / campuses for Production and Delivery purposes.

The Zones can also be related to ZIP / Postcoding (USA, Canada, UK, Australia) or Worldwide Address Geolocation.

Zones which are linked to Post or Zip Codes use a geo-location (latitude and longitude) to map the Zip/Postcode entered by your Customer online. If the Postcode or Zip falls outside of all of your Delivery Zones, the Customer will receive the following polite message...

 So, to Setup a new Zone, just use the Add New Delivery Zone link (image) and then start adding pins to your Zone - using the Add New Point to Current Zone (image). Remember to Save your current Zone before adding another.

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