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Set Up Multiple Sites

Allow for multiple locations or sites under one Spoonfed account

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To enable Multiple Sites, speak with a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner. This may have already been setup in the initial onboarding process. If you don't see Multiple Sites as an option, reach out to a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner for assistance.

If you want to add another Site, there is an added fee. Reach out to a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner for further pricing details and assistance.

Setting up Multiple Sites on Spoonfed is a great option for Multi-Restaurant Chains, Multiple Unit Operations and Multi-Concept Operations. They allow you to set different settings and Menus unique to various operations.

Different Types of Multi-Sites

A Multi Site can be a Site, Location, or type of catering offered by your business. Talk to a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner if you'd like to edit or discuss the type of Multi-Site you have.

View Multi-Sites

  1. Go to Setup > Organization > Multiple Sites.

  2. All the Sites and settings set up on your account are found here.

  3. Click Edit near a specific Site to adjust the account information and which email addresses get Order Notifications.

Multi-Site for Various Store Locations

Multi-Site for Different Types of Catering

Edit a Multi-Site

  1. Click Edit near the Site.

  2. Enter or edit any details related to this specific Site.

    1. Add Additional Email Addresses to receive Order Confirmations and Notifications.

      1. Separate Additional Email Address with a comma.

    2. Check 'Allows for Pick-Up' so that Site can take Orders for Pick-Up

    3. Set a Minimum or Maximum Order Value that must be reached for a Customer to place an Order on this particular Site.

  3. Always click Save after making any changes.

Online Ordering Availability

Choose if the Site is available for Order Flow 1, Order Flow 2, or Both.

More Multi-Site Edits

  • Add a Site-specific logo photo to override the default logo added to the Design Page.

  • Link social media URLs used by your Site to help Customers create an Order from that social media platform.

  • Change the Email Display Name to show up in the Email Subject Line, letting Customers know that they ordered specifically from this Location or Site.

That's how to edit your Multi-Sites!

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