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Add a Delivery Charge

Enable a fee for Delivery Orders based on Order Total and Location

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Delivery Charges allow you to place delivery fees on Orders over or under a certain total. Each Delivery Zone can have it's own unique charge, which helps account for different distances to travel and accommodate for Customers across various locations.

  1. Go to Setup > Organization > Delivery.

  2. Click the orange pencil button near the Delivery Zone to add a Charge to.

  3. Add the Delivery Charges for Orders Less than or More than a certain amount.

  4. Each Site has to have it's own Delivery Charge entered this way.

  5. Check "Charge as % of Order Value" to create a Delivery Charge by percent of the Order Value, rather than a set amount.

  6. If needed, add a different Tax Code or Tax Exempt Code to the Charge.

  7. Once set, click Save Details.

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