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Delivery Zones for Manual Zones
Delivery Zones for Manual Zones
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Setting up Manual Delivery Zones correctly ensures that each of your Site(s) will receive Orders from an exactly-named Delivery Zone. While you as a Caterer may not think frequently of your "Zone" if you are on a Campus, Delivery Zones in Spoonfed enable a host of useful settings such as delivery pricing, delivery minimums and more, to work properly.

Note: Steps below are for "Manual Delivery Zones" Accounts. To edit your Manual Delivery Zones, please reach out to a Customer Success specialist via Chat. Editing the Zones yourself may have unintended, negative impacts on your Customers.

Note: Details below are for Manual Delivery Zone Accounts. If your account is a Geolocation Account which relies on Zip Codes, Postcodes or Addresses to Deliver be sure to consult with a knowledgeable member of your team who is familiar with editing Delivery Zones OR a Customer Support team member before making any major changes.

Navigate to Setup > Organization > Delivery

Checking 'Manual Zone Selection' creates a drop down of each Delivery Zone that a Customer can select from. If you deliver solely to a Campus, for example, the Customer then only has to select which Campus their Order will be delivered to. At checkout they may be able to further select their Building, Floor and/or Room.

When this feature is checked, Delivery options for Online Ordering form a dropdown like so:

When this feature is unchecked, the Delivery option will form an open Geolocation field like so:

The feature in the Back Office to look for is marked here in your Delivery Zone settings:

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