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'Card Payments by Date Paid' Report
'Card Payments by Date Paid' Report

Create a Report that organizes by the date an Order was paid for and tracks orders paid by card

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The Card Payments by Date Paid Report downloads an Excel spreadsheet that shows all the Card Sales made through a Payment Gateway within a given time period.

You may also take a look at the Payment Card Transactions Report or the Card Payments by Date Paid Report for more Payment Reports to track Card Sales.

Why Is It Useful?

The Card Payments Report is used to track sales made through a Payment Gateway. This Report only tracks Orders paid for by card. If most or all of payments are taken via debit or credit card, this Report helps with accounting for Total Order Sales. If an Order was paid for 'On Account' or 'Other,' it won't show up in this Report.

Use the Report to track refunds, whether or not a Customer paid, and Total Sales within a given amount of time.

The differences between the Card Payments Report and this Report are in how the data gets arranged.

Card Payments Report: organizes the Report by the Date an Order was created or by the Date an Order was fulfilled.

Card Payments by Date Paid Report: organizes the Report by the Date an Order was paid for, not the date the Order was created or fulfilled.

You might want to track Sales data by the date payment was taken to account for revenue that has already been received. The Report can also be more helpful if your business takes payment for an Order set to be fulfilled months in advance. Even though the Order won't be made for a long amount of time, you'll want to account for the money that was made that month. This is when the Card Payment by Date Paid Report is more useful than the standard Card Payments Report.

Make the Report

To generate the Report, go to the Reports Module. Click Card Payments by Date Paid.

  1. A User can view data for Sites that they have User access to. If you want to see a specific Site or Location, select which one, or else select 'All'.

  2. Choose a Date Range by which to see all paid Orders.

  3. Click Generate Report.

The Report will list the following:

  • Order Number

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Code

  • Delivery Date

  • Total Net Price

  • Tip

  • Total Tax

  • Grand Total

  • Paid by Card (yes or no)

  • Card Type

  • Payment Date

  • Payment Amount

  • Refund Amount (if applicable)

  • Transaction Balance

  • Difference

  • Payment Reference Number (also used to find payments in payment gaeway)

  • Cancelation Charges (if applicable)

  • Cancellation Charges Tax

  • Driver Assigned to Order (if applicable)

  • Branch

  • Download Date

  • Site or Location

  • Tags (if applicable)

The Report will look like below:

That is how to generate a Card Payments by Date Paid Report!

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