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Add a New User and Edit Existing
Add a New User and Edit Existing

A new member joining your catering team? No problem! You can set up a login for new members for Spoonfed Back Office.

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Watch the video below for a short tutorial:

Add New User

  1. Go to Setup > Organization > Users.

  2. Click Add User in the top, left-hand corner.

  3. In the User Details Tab, enter the user's information.

    1. Email

    2. First and Last Name

    3. Job Title

  4. When finished adding Permissions and Site Access, Click the Add User button.

  5. If a user forgets their password, you can also re-send them a Password link by clicking 'Set Password' at the bottom of the page.

  6. Edit any User's Permissions and information by clicking View/Edit near the user's name.

User Permissions

Check the Permissions appropriate for the User. Only check permissions that they will need to complete their daily tasks associated with their role. We generally recommend restricting certain permissions only to users with knowledge of the system and authority to make major changes. This keeps people from accidentally changing the system in a way that affects sales and order fulfillment.

If any other Module doesn't appear on your Dashboard, that means you don't have these permissions turned on. Please speak with your Manager or someone who has the access to discuss giving you the permissions or why you do not have them.

VT Terminal Access Permission

Spoonfed generally does not recommend giving the VT Terminal Permission to any person on the site. Virtual Terminal Payments are a method of accounting for a Virtual Credit Card payment that was taken outside of Spoonfed. Since most card payments are made through Spoonfed via your payment gateway integration, VT is usually not needed. Therefore, we recommend you keep this permission unchecked, so as to prevent the error of incorrectly marking an order as paid without taking the payment.

User Site Access

If your Spoonfed account has Multiple Sites enabled, you can choose to only let a user access information related to that Sites.

That's how to add Users and edit existing User Permissions, Locations, and Titles!

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