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Menu Specific Notice Period
Menu Specific Notice Period

Customized Lead Times and Cut-Off Times that are applied to individual Menus

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Read more about Default Lead Times and Cut-Offs Here.

A Menu Specific Notice Period is a customized Lead Time or Cut-Off Time that's applied to individual Menus within the Menu Module. They're especially helpful for Menu Items that require more preparation time. Read on to learn how to customize this Feature.

Watch a short video tutorial here:

Setup a Menu Specific Notice Period

  1. Go to Setup - Features - Menu Specific Notice Periods.

  2. Any Notice Periods already set show up here. Lead Times and Cut-Offs are separated, along with Delivery and Pick-Up.

  3. To Edit a Notice Period, click Edit.

  4. To Delete a Notice Period, click Delete.

    1. Any deleted Notice Period that is assigned to specific Menus will return to the Default Lead Time or Cut-Off.

  5. To add a new Notice Period, click the New button.

  6. Add a Lead Time or Cut-Off Time as you would in the Default Options. The Working Hours Lead Time is void if you Enable a Cut-Off. By default, a Cut-Off applies for Day Prior unless the Same Day box is checked. To add different Cut-Offs to different days, check 'Set by Day'. To make the Delivery and Pick-Up Notice Periods different, check Separate Cut-Off and Lead Times for Pick-Up.

  7. The Name should indicate what the Notice Period is for so that anyone can easily find and apply it.

  8. When finished, click Save.

  1. Go to the Menu Module.

  2. Search the Menu, then select Edit.

  3. In the Details Tab, find Menu Availability and Notice Period.

  4. The Notice Period will say Default, indicating that it's set to the Default Lead Time or Cut-Off Time set in the system.

  5. Click the box to see other Notice Period options.

  6. Choose the desired Notice Period.

  7. Click 'Save Menu' at the bottom.

That is how you set up a customized Menu Specific Notice Period!

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