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Add a Menu Specific Notice Period
Add a Menu Specific Notice Period

Customized Lead Times and Cut-Off Times that are applied to individual Menus

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A Menu Specific Notice Period is a customized Lead Time or Cut-Off Time that's applied to individual Menus within the Menu Module. They're especially helpful for Menu Items that require more preparation time.

Watch the short video for a tutorial on adding Menu Specific Notice Periods:

Follow the steps to add a Notice Period to a specific Menu.

  1. Go to the Menu Module.

  2. Search for the Menu and click Edit.

  3. In the Details Tab, find the Menu Availability Section.

  4. Under Notice Period, click the box to see a drop down of all available Notice Periods.

  5. The Default is the Lead Time or Cut-Off Time set up for all Default Menus and Orders.

  6. Choose the Notice Period.

  7. Click Save.

That's how to set up a customized Menu Specific Notice Period!

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