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Search for a Menu

Find any Menu using the Search Bar and Filters in the Menu Module

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Search by Menu Name

  1. First, go to the Menu Module. Make sure you're in the Menus Section.

  2. If you know the Menu Name type it in the Search Box. You can also type one aspect of the Menu Name, like “Lunch.”

  3. Hit Enter on your keyboard.

    1. All Menus that have the name you typed in show up in the search results.

Filter Menu Results

Click Filter on the right of the screen to open more options by which to search for Menus.

Filter Options

Filter Menu Results by the following parameters:

  • Customer

  • Menu Category

  • Branch

  • Order Flow

  • Order Type

  • Order Source

  • Time From

  • Time From

  • Available on Date

  • Available Until Date

Click Apply Filters to see the results.

Menus that apply to these Filters show up on the page below. In the Orange Box below the Search Bar, you see which Filters you searched by.

Click the X in the Box to undo that Filter.

Choose How Many Menus to View on the Page

At the bottom of the screen, click the drop down to select how many Menus to view on one page. You can view 25, 50, 100, and 200 Menus on one Page.

That’s how to search for a Menu!

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