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Set Up Open and Closed Times
Set Up Open and Closed Times

Create delivery and pick-up hours for your site

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The Open Times might vary depending on what type of business you have.

  • As an individual restaurant, the Open Time is typically the hours that the store is open for Pick-Up or Delivery.

  • As a catering company that caters to one business, the Open Time might be when the business you cater to is open and available to order to.

  • For accounts with Multiple Sites, Open Times can be adjusted depending on Location or Site. An example is a university campus.

Add Open and Closed Times

  1. Go to Setup > Online Ordering > Open and Closed.

  2. Click Add Open Time to add restaurant store hours or catering availability times for each day of the week.

    1. If the Delivery hours differ from Pick-Up availability, you must distinguish that for each available day.

    2. For a Multi-Site setup with different hours, add an Open Time for each site's daily hours open. The Location is chosen in Catering Style.

  3. To Save, click Add Open Time.

To edit an Open Time, click View/Edit on the right.

To Delete an Open Time, click Delete.

Read how to create date-specific Closed Times in the Calendar Module Here.

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