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Add and Edit Rooms

Manage Buildings and Rooms Fields

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What is a Room?

  • A Room is a section within a Building. Multiple Rooms can be held within one Building.

  • Rooms might also be called Suite No., Floor, Office No., etc.

  • Rooms can have specific availabilities to adjust with seasonal hours and openings.

Pre-set Buildings and Rooms must be added if the Building and Rooms Field Drop Down is enabled in Setup > Online Ordering > Options.

Add a Room

You must add a Building before you can add any Rooms. Once you input the Buildings, you can add Rooms to choose from whenever that Building is chosen.

  1. Go to Setup > Online Ordering > Building and Rooms Selection.

  2. Find the Building to Edit. Search by Catering Site if needed. Click Edit.

  3. Enter the Name of the Room to add.

  4. Click 'Add Room'.

  5. From there, you can edit the Room and specify an availability if needed.

Edit a Room

  1. To Edit a Room, first find the Building the Room is associated with.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Scroll down to the Room to Edit.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Edit the Room as needed.

  6. Add an Availability when the Room can be chosen. The Room will only appear as an option if an Order Date is requested within this date range.

  7. Click Update to save any changes.

  8. Click Delete to permanently delete that room.

That's how to add and edit Rooms!

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