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Add and Edit Buildings
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What is a Building?

  • A Building is a main location area that can contain multiple rooms.

  • Buildings might also be called Departments, Floors, Offices, etc.

  • Buildings can have

Pre-set Buildings and Rooms must be added if the Building and Rooms Field Drop Down is enabled in Setup > Online Ordering > Options.

Add a Building

  1. Go to Setup > Online Ordering > Building and Rooms Selection.

  2. Click 'Add Building'.

  3. Enter the following information, then click Add.

    • Building Name

    • Catering Style: Location, Site, or Service Building associate with.

    • Available From and To: Set time frame when Building is available for Delivery Orders. Only Orders set to Deliver within this availability can see the Building.

Edit Existing Buildings

  1. Any Buildings already added show up in the list below.

  2. Click 'Edit' to edit an existing Building and it's Rooms.

  3. Click 'Delete' to permanently delete that Building and all Rooms added with it.

Add Rooms

Once you input the Buildings, you can add Rooms to choose from whenever that Building is chosen.

That's how to add and edit Buildings!

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