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Delivery Zones for Geolocation
Delivery Zones for Geolocation

Set up multiple Delivery Zones and Delivery Charges specific to each Store or Site

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Setting up Delivery Zones correctly ensures that each of your Store(s) or Site(s) will receive Orders from within your vicinity (5 km, 4 miles, etc). Additionally, Delivery Zones allow you to customize Delivery Fees based on Geolocation Address, Postcode and/or Order Total.

Note: The settings in the Delivery Zones can be tricky and can cause consequences to your volume or pricing of Delivery Orders if edited. Be sure to consult with a knowledgeable member of your team who is familiar with editing Delivery Zones OR a Customer Support team member before making any major changes.

Note: Steps below are for Geolocation Accounts. If your account is a Campus, Building, or other layout, you alternatively may use "Manual Delivery Zones". To edit your Manual Delivery Zones, please reach out to a Customer Success specialist via Chat.

Navigate to Setup > Organization > Delivery

Add a New Delivery Zone

  1. Click 'Add a New Delivery Zone' to get started.

  2. Enter the name of the Zone in the text box labeled 'New Zone'.

  3. Enter the Location of the zone or the general area into the location box.

  4. Enter the location where you want the Zone and click Show.

  5. Click 'Add New Point to Current Zone'. Click this button for as many points as you need. We usually recommend adding 8-10 points for a circled zone.

    1. The points show up centered on the map. To make placing them easier, have your map zoomed in and centered around the location you want to put your Delivery Zone.

  6. Keep in mind that any location not within this zone won't be available for Delivery. Make sure you place the points with consideration to not cutting off specific regions or cutting a line through a big building.

  7. Once all the points are in the right place, click Save.

Add a Ring of Points to Make a Radius Delivery Zone

  1. Click 'Add Ring of Points to Current Zone'.

  2. Add the mile limit you want the Delivery Zone to be. The Inner Ring should be at least 0.

  3. Click 'Add Ring'.

  4. The radius ring appears around the center point of the map.

  5. Click Save.

Edit Delivery Zone and Add Delivery Charges

Delivery Zones with manually added points can be adjusted around the map at any time by clicking and holding the point to move it. Be careful when navigating on the map. You don't want to accidentally move a point and unintentionally alter the Delivery Zone. Anytime you change the Name or Site of a Delivery Zone, click Save.

Minimum and Maximum Order Value

If set, a Customer can't checkout from this Location unless they've reached the minimum or maximum value inputted.

Multi-Site Delivery Zones

If you have Multiple Sites or Locations, distinguish which Sites deliver to which Zones in the Site box near that Zone name.

That's how to set up and manage Delivery Zones!

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