The Order Lead Times report generates pie charts showing your order lead times over two selected periods of time.

The report shows the number/value of orders made:

  • on the day
  • the day before
  • 2 to 5 days before
  • and more than 5 days before

To run the report, go to the Reports module and select Order Lead Times. The report as standard runs for all sites that the User has access to. This can be changed from 'All' to a specific site.

Then select the two date ranges. These do not need to be the same length, so for a quick non-comparative ranking of customers, the second field can be filled in, with the results being ignored on the export. 

Click Generate Report and the pie charts will appear lower on the web page. Lead times by order number appear above lead times by order value, and the results of Date Range 1 appear above those of Date Range 2.

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