Your customer may be running a training day and looking for breakfast,  lunch and coffee break hospitality.

With Spoonfed (assuming you have the feature enabled) you can allocate Menus and Items to be delivered at different times on the same Order.

To do this, process the Order as usual, selecting the first Delivery Slot in the normal way (Order Details TAB). Add the Items or Menus you want to be Delivered at this time.

Then, use the Add Slot button to select the next Delivery Slot in the Item Selection TAB.  There are a number of attributes that you can associate with this Delivery time and these should be completed and Saved.

Then, choose a Menu in the usual way but, once you've added Items, instead of just clicking Add To Order, select the Delivery Slot from the dropdown (at the bottom of the Menu pop-up) and Add to Order.

You will see that when you are returned to the Item Selection TAB, the two Delivery Slots are displayed with the related Menus and Items underneath each.

Add as many Delivery Slots as you wish in this way and Confirm the Order in the usual way.

If you need to remove or Edit Items in a Slot then this can be done using the usual 'pencil' and 'cross' symbols.

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