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Add a Slot Designator
Add a Slot Designator

Name your Slots to more clearly indicate different Time Slots in an Order

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If your account has the Multi-Slot Feature enabled, Spoonfed offers the option to add a short Slot Designator that allows you to better distinguish slots from each other in Production, in the Calendar, and the Delivery Module.

To add Slot Designators to Multiple Slots, the feature must be activated by a Spoofed Customer Success Partner. Reach out to get this turned on!

Slot Designator Names can only be edited in the Back Office. Once added, they cannot be edited, so make sure you know which Designator Name to give the Slot before saving. If a Slot is made on the Online Ordering Site, it can't be edited. The Default Slots are named A, B, C, etc.

Add a Slot Designator in the Back Office

  1. Once in the Item Selection Tab, click 'Add Slot.'

  2. Enter the Slot information like the Fulfillment Time and Building.

  3. In 'Slot Designator' write a name or number by which to identify that Slot. You might put the time of day or type of meal being served.

    1. Once Saved, a Slot Designator Name cannot be changed, so make sure it's the name you want!

  4. Click Save Slot.

  5. Add the Menus to the Slots.

  6. Once Confirmed, the Slot Designator names show up in the Order Reports and the Calendar.

How Slot Designators Appear


Product Summary

Delivery Module

Purpose of Slot Designators

Slot Designators are intended for Internal use. They are for caterers and staff to more clearly indicate differences between Slots that carry into the Production Module, Delivery Module, and on the Calendar.

If Customers want to more clearly indicate differences in Slots, they can input different Event Names for each Slot. Customers can't create their own Slot Designators, since they are only visible in the Back Office. Slots from the Customer orders will automatically be designated: "A", "B", "C" and so on.

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