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Email Multiple Invoices at Once
Email Multiple Invoices at Once

Send out multiple Invoices to the appropriate email with one button click

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To send out Multiple Invoice Emails simultaneously, each to the assigned email address, follow the steps below.

  1. Start in the Invoice Module in the Invoice Tab.

  2. Find the Invoices you want to email by filtering them in the above parameters.

  3. Check the box near each Invoice to choose multiple Invoices. Check the box at the top of the columns to select all Invoices within the page.

  4. Click the 'Email Selected' Button in orange.

  5. The pop-up allows you to confirm the email addresses each Invoice sends to.

    1. Click the orange plus button to add more Emails.

    2. In the Email Content Box, customize the email template to include any additional information. Keep in mind that this message is sent to each selected email. Refrain from using account-specific information unless all the invoices are being emailed to the same Customer.

  6. When ready, click Send.

  7. 'Send Complete' box indicates that each invoice was emailed correctly.

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