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Send or Resend the Order Confirmation Email
Send or Resend the Order Confirmation Email

Customers automatically receive an email receipt as an order confirmation when they pay by card.

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You have the option to send a Confirmation Email to the Contact's associated email when you Confirm an Order in the Back Office. If a Customer Places an Order Online, the email address for their account and for your Account will both get Confirmation Emails.

If your customer lost the original message confirming their card payment or Order Confirmation, you can re-send it for their records. You should also resend a Confirmation Email if any Order Details changed.

In an Order, select Reconfirm at the bottom of the Order Details Page. Select 'Send a Payment Request to the Customer'. Select Confirm. a Confirmation Email with the most up to date Order Information will send. Check for proof of this in the Messages tab.

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