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Create an Invoice

Make an Invoice that can be emailed to Customers to collect payment for orders paid for 'On Account'

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What Orders are Invoiced in the Awaiting Invoice Tab?

Only Orders that have been selected to be paid 'On Account' or 'Other' can be viewed in the Awaiting Invoice Tab. These are Orders for which typically a Purchase Order Number, a Cost Center Number, or a different payment by account number were used to accept payment.

Card Sale Orders

Orders paid through the Payment Gateway, by card, can be found in the Card Sales Tab. Note that most Card Sale Orders don't need to be Invoiced. Rather, their payment is taken through the Payment Gateway. You can send an Order Confirmation Receipt by clicking Confirm Changes in the Order itself.

Make an Invoice

  1. Start by clicking Invoice Module, then the Awaiting Invoice Tab.

  2. Scroll down to view all the Orders that were selected to be paid for 'On Account' or 'Other.'

  3. You can also search for specific Orders using the filter options at the top of the page.

  4. Invoices automatically sort by Customer, in alphabetical order.

  5. Once you find the Order to Invoice, click the Invoice button in orange on the far right.

  6. A pop-up appears, checking any other Orders from that Customer that could be added to the Invoice. For a single Invoice, click Next.

  7. The following pop-up double checks that the information for the Invoice is correct. You can also add Invoice Notes. If needed, edit any of the information.

  8. Click Create Invoice once all the details are confirmed.

  9. The Invoice has been created and is found in the Invoice Tab.

  10. Now you can email, print, and download the Invoice.

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