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Create a Bespoke Menu

Learn how to add customizable Menu Items to Menu Module V2

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When Customers make special Order requests, Spoonfed offers an easy way to Customize Items and Menus so that you can easily accomodate for Bespoke Orders. This can only be done in the Back Office and if the user has this permission turned on.

Turn On Bespoke Menus

This Feature must be activated by a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner to be used in the Back Office. If you don't see this Feature in your Menus, ask a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner to turn it on for you.

Watch the short video to learn how to add Bespoke Menu Items:

Make a Bespoke Menu for Pre-Existing Menus

This method allows a Section in a standard Menu to also be customizable. It's useful to keep all other Details and Items included in a Menu whilst allowing a customization that otherwise does not exist.

  1. Start at the Menu Module in the Menus Page.

  2. Find the Menu and click Edit near the Menu to add this Feature to.

  3. Click the Items Tab.

  4. Click on a Section to Expand it.

  5. Check the box, 'Allow Bespoke Items.'

  6. Click Save.

Make a New Bespoke Menu

This Menu is made exclusively for Open Food Items and customized Items. It is a standard Menu to account for any Bespoke Foods or Services that might be requested in an Order that wouldn't fit as part of a pre-existing Menu.

  1. Start at the Menu Module in the Menus Page.

  2. Click Add New Menu.

  3. Choose A La Carte.

  4. Enter in the Details. The Menu Name might be 'Open Food."

    1. Do not check this Menu to be 'Available to Order Online.'

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click the Items Tab.

  7. Click Add Section.

  8. Name the Section and Item the same as the Menu Name.

  9. Check 'Allow Bespoke Items.'

  10. Keep the Price at $0. You can adjust this later when adding the Menu.

  11. Click Save.

That's how to add a Bespoke Item and Customize Menus!

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