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Add the Same Menu to Multiple Locations
Add the Same Menu to Multiple Locations

Adjust Menus for Location specific Tax Rates and Open Times

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When you have Multiple Sites or Locations, they might have designated Tax Rates. Menus set to Availability for all Locations are assigned the Default Tax Rate. If you need to account for changes in Tax Rates, or any other Location differences, you must create a new menu for each change. This applies even if the Menus are otherwise identical.

Duplicate the Menu to Change Small Details

  1. Go to the Menu Module.

  2. Find the Menu to Edit.

  3. Click Duplicate.

  4. In the Details Tab, scroll down to Allocate Menu to [Branch Name].

  5. Click the Drop Down Box and select the Site or Location the Menu is available for.

  6. Selected sites show up in an orange box on the right. Click X to remove the allocation.

  7. Go to Tax Code on the Left Column.

  8. Click the Drop Down Box to choose the correct Tax Code.

  9. Once updated, click Save.

  10. Double check that the original Menu isn't set to be available for all Locations. If it is, this menu will show up as two of the same on the Online Ordering Page, which is confusing for Customers. Each Menu needs to be Duplicated and assigned to its own Location.

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