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Set Up Tax Rates

Learn how to set up multiple tax rates

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Spoonfed is international software, and as such, tax rates can be built and configured based on the needs in your Country. Specifically in the UK, there may be a National VAT Rate of 20%, whereas in the United States or Canada, taxes can vary by State, Province or even type of Item sold.

  1. Navigate to: Setup > Organization > Tax Rates.

  2. All previously created Tax Rates appear here. The Default Tax Rate for your account is marked as such and says 'Is Default'. The Default cannot be deleted, as at least one Tax Rate must be entered into the system.

  • To edit a Tax Rate, click 'Edit.'

  • To delete a Tax Rate, click 'Delete.'

  • To add a new Tax Rate, click 'Add Tax.'

Set Up Default and Tax Exempt Rates

We advise every account to have a Default Tax Rate with the standard tax by location that gets applied to all food orders upon checkout. Click Make Default near a different Tax Rate to make that the standard Tax Rate applied to all Orders and Menus.

It's important to create a Tax Exempt Rate for when a tax should not be applied. Certain Customers or Menu Items might be Tax Exempt for various reasons. Having a Tax Exempt category helps to easily apply this when necessary.

Add New Tax

  1. Click the orange Add Tax button.

  2. Enter the Name of the Tax Rate, usually explaining the location this tax is applied for.

  3. Enter the Code, which helps easily identify the rate. We typically use ST for Standard Tax.

  4. Enter the Rate Name and percentage of the Tax.

  5. Click Save.

Add Tax Rates to Other Parts of the System

Once set up, you can customize Menus to have certain Tax Rates and add default Tax Rates to Customers' profiles, Multi Sites, and Delivery Locations.

That's how you manage and add Tax Rates in Spoonfed!

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