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Make a Menu Required

Create a Menu that is Mandatory for Customer Orders

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Required Menus are Menus that a Customer must order from before they can checkout.

Watch the short tutorial video:

When to Use a Required Menu

The ‘Required Menu’ feature allows you to add a mandatory Menu that appears to the Customer before they checkout. They must select an Item from the Required Menu before continuing to place an Order.

In most cases, we don't advice making Menus required, but it's useful if to add utensils as a cost or add a charge for wait staff or catering equipment. Instead of making a Menu Required, you might look at adding Service Charges, and Custom Order Fields.

Add a Required Menu

  1. Go to the Menu Module to find an existing Menu or Create a New Menu.

    1. Only a Fixed Price Menu can be made Required.

  2. In the Details Tab, go to the left column.

  3. Check 'Required Menu'.

  4. Click Save Menu.

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