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Add Service Charges

Use Service Charges to charge for your clean up service or other associated costs with your Order

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Add Service Charges to add additional charges for associated Order costs. This might be a clean up charge or staffing costs. When added in a cart, service charges appear under the Menu Selections on an Order Confirmation.

Create a Service Charge in Setup

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Charges.

  2. Click View/Edit to edit an existing Charge.

  3. Click Delete to permanently delete a charge.

  4. Click 'Add Service Charge' at the top left of the page to create a new Charge.

  5. Enter all the relevant details for the Charge.

    1. Description: a name for the charge to easily identify it.

    2. Associate to Site: makes charge available for only one Location.

    3. Amount (percent or fixed): enter the Charge amount to apply as a percentage of the Order Total or as a fixed dollar amount.

    4. Indicate if the Charge should be taxed, in the Tax field.

  6. Click Add Charge after filling in the necessary details.

Apply Business Charge

Under 'Apply Business Charge Details', indicate if you want the Charge to apply to all of certain types of Orders, like all Delivery Orders.

Apply Charge to All Orders Under or Over a Given Value

Under 'Apply Charge', you can choose if you only want the Charge to apply for Orders over or under a specific value.

Add Charge to Menu Items

In 'Menu Items,' search for and select Menu Items that the charge will apply with any time that Item is selected on an Order.

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