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Custom Order Fields

Add extra info for a customer to fill out before checkout

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Custom Order Fields allow you to add fields at Checkout for a Customer to enter before finalizing their Order. They might be a question on whether or not to include utensils or an extra note about delivery.

Where Custom Order Fields Appear at Checkout

Online Ordering Page

Back Office

Add and Edit Custom Order Fields

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Custom Order Fields.

  2. All Fields will show up in the chart as below. Click View/Edit to edit a field. Click

  3. Delete to permanently delete it.

  4. To add a new Field, click 'Add Custom Field'.

  5. Once all the information is filled out, cl

  6. Enter the name of the field, and choose if you'd like it to be a Time to choose, a Drop Down List, or a Text Box.

  7. Once all the information is filled out and the Field is ready to go live, click 'Add Field.'

Time Order Field

A Time field lets the Customer pick a time related to the Order that is seperate from the Fulfilment Time initially chosen. This can be a Setup or Cleanup Time.

Drop Down List

With a drop down list, users select from pre-written answers to the question. This is great for yes or no questions.

Text Box

With a Text Box, the user can enter any text to answer the question. This might be a potential allergy or dietary restriction.

Check Boxes for Customization

Check different tick boxes to customize the Order Field. You can make it required to fill out, have it show up on different types of Reports, and more.

If you want the Field to show up on the Online Ordering Page, you must check 'Show for Online Orders.'

That's how to create a Custom Order Field and customize the checkout process for your Customers!

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