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Menu Location Availability
Menu Location Availability

Change what Locations, Sites, or Branches can view a Menu in the V2 Module

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If you have Multiple Locations or Sites set up on one Spoonfed account, you might have different Menus available dependent on the Location. Each Menu can be available for one or all of the Locations available.

Watch the short video for a tutorial on editing Location and Site Availability:

Read the steps below to choose which Location or Site a Menu can be ordered from.

  1. Go to the Menu Module.

  2. Search the Menu within the search parameters as needed.

  3. Click Edit near the Menu you need to view.

  4. In the Details Tab, scroll down to find 'Allocate Menu to [Site Name].

  5. Click the drop down box that says 'All Branch.'

  6. Select which branch to Allocate the Menu to.

  7. The Branch shows up in an orange box. Click the X button to remove the allocation.

  8. Once Allocated, the Menu can only be ordered from that Branch.

  9. After making changes, click Save.

Other Notes and Readings

If taxes and other details are dependent on the Site Location, you must create a different Menu for each Location. This applies even if all Menu Items and other Details remain the same.

Read more about other types of Menu Availability.

Read how Menu Availability inhibits a Confirmed Order from being edited Here.

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