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Allocate a Menu to a Customer
Allocate a Menu to a Customer

Allocate Menus to specific Customers so only they can Order and view them online

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Allocate a Menu to a Customer if there's a specific Menu that only some people or groups can Order from. When a Menu is Allocated, only Customers or Contacts of the Customer can view that Menu. They must be logged in as that Customer to Order from the Menu.

This tool is useful you have a set of Menus only made for a special group of clientele.

Watch the short video for a tutorial:

Allocate Menu to a Customer

  1. Go to the Menu Module. Find the Menu you want to Allocate and click Edit.

  2. In the Details Tab scroll near the bottom of the page.

  3. Under the Details Tab, type the Customer's name under 'Allocate Menu to Customers'.

  4. As you type in the Customer's name, a drop down of options appears below.

  5. Click that Customer.

The name appears to the left in an orange box. Click the X button to undo the allocation.

If the Customer's name does not appear as an option, they might not be in the system. Learn how to Add a New Customer Here.

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