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Add a New Customer
Add a New Customer

Store business/organizational customers and individual persons in the system along with their preferences.

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While Customers can Register themselves on the Online Ordering Site, knowing how to add and edit Customers and Contacts in the Back Office is an essential step of using Spoonfed.

Add a Customer

  1. In Spoonfed Back Office, select Customer Module.

  2. Click Add Customer.

  3. Fill out the necessary information pertaining to the Customer.

  4. Once all the information is added, click 'Add Customer' at the bottom right.

Customer Details

Read a more detailed tutorial on Customer Details Here.

  • A Customer might be an individual person or the name of a department or business that your company caters to. Enter the name of that person/business into the 'Name' box.

  • The Code is an abbreviation to identify a Customer in reports and accounting.

  • Fill in all other information related to this person or business including their email, address, and phone number.

Add Account Information

  • Account Information relates to the different ways to allow your Customer to Order and Pay.

  • Check 'Payment By Account' to allow your Customer to pay with a Purchase Order Number.

  • Check 'Account On Hold' to suspend a Customer's account and keep them from placing future orders, . Entering a number into Order Discount will apply an automatic discount to all orders placed under this Customer.

  • Enter an Order Discount that's auto-applied to any Order the Customer makes.

  • Check 'Require Purchase Order Number' to make a Customer enter their PO Number before they can complete checkout.

  • Web Registration indicates if the Customer registered themselves on the Online Ordering Site, or if they were added by a User in the Back Office.

  • Enter any notes that might be useful for staff to know about the Customer. The Customer can't see these notes.

Add Service Charges

Checking certain Service Charges here automatically applies the Charge to any Order this Customer places.

Add Sales Tax Override

Change the Sales Tax of the Customer when they checkout to override what is originally applied in the system. Read about changing Sales Tax Options Here.

Contacts Tab

If the name and info of the Contact are the same as the Customer, select 'Auto Add Contact.' This way you don't have to fill out the same information twice.

  1. Once you select 'Add Customer,' you're taken to the Contacts Tab.

  2. Under 'Add Contact,' fill in all necessary information about the Contact. If the Customer is a Business or Organization, you'll add the individuals who work for the business.

  3. Customer profiles can have multiple Contacts listed under them to account for the different people who place Orders under that Customer name.

    1. If you have 5 people ordering from one business or department, they can all place individual orders and maintain their own payment methods whilst grouping under their entity.

    2. Each Contact has its own login info and payment methods. All their orders ultimately show up under the business they work for.

  4. Web-Enabled indicates if a Contact registered themselves on the Online Ordering Site or was added by a User in the Back Office.

  5. Once all the information is complete, click 'Add Contact' at the bottom right.

  6. Select View/Edit to edit and manage existing Contacts.

Read more about adding Contacts Here.

Add Payment Info for Contact

The Contacts tab is where you can save Payment Information for a Customer. Saved Payment Info can be used to make checkout easier and allow a customer to store more than one credit card or PO number for future use.

Transfer a Contact

Sometimes, a client creates a profile for themselves on the Online Ordering Page and needs to be transferred to the business they work for.

Addresses Tab

The Addresses Tab is where you can Add and Edit all Addresses or Locations associated with this Customer.

Orders Tab

The Orders Tab will display all past and current Orders the Customer has made with Spoonfed.

Customer Reviews Tab

The Customer Reviews Tab is where you can view all Reviews a Customer and all Contacts under them have made.

That's how to create a new Customer and add Contacts through Spoonfed!

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