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Why Can't I See My Menu on the Online Ordering Site?
Why Can't I See My Menu on the Online Ordering Site?

Common reasons for Menus not showing as available Online

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If a Customer reaches out to ask why they can't see a Menu online, or you are building a menu and can't see it online, there are several reasons why this could happen. Read on to find the most common reasons why a Menu doesn't show up online.

Menu is Not Set to Show Online

Within each Menu you must make the check labeled "Can Be Ordered Online' show up in orange. If not checked, the Menu won't show up.

Check that here:

Notice Period is Not Within the Date Selected

If you have a Menu Specific Notice Period that overrides your default Lead Time, the menu might not show up even if your Default Lead Time is within ordering range.

Check that the Menu is set for the right notice period by going to the Menu Details Tab. Find Notice Period. Ensure that the right Menu Specific Notice Period is selected and not inhibiting Online Availability.

Menu Availability

Menu Availability controls what days and times a Menu can be ordered within. If a date or time range outside of the Menu's Availability is chosen, that Menu won't show up to be ordered online.

Check that here:

Menu Allocated to Only a Few Customers

If a Menu is Allocated to one or several Customers, a user must be logged in with an Email associated with that Customer to see the Menu.

Double check this here:

Menu is Only Available for One Branch

If you have Multiple Site enabled, the Menu you're trying to view might only be available for one of those Branches. If a Customer tries to view the Menu on a different Site, they can't see it. Check that in the 'Allocate Menu to Branch' Section.

If you have checked all these options and still can't see the Menu online, reach out to a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner for more help.

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