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'Payment Voucher' Report
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The Payment Voucher Report exports an Excel spreadsheet that shows all the Payment Vouchers used within a given time period.

Why Is It Useful?

The Payment Voucher Report prints a Report of all Orders that have had Payment Vouchers applied to them within a certain Date Range. It's useful to account for all the different gift cards and vouchers that have been used in a given amount of time. If you recently made a Voucher for a promotion, you can use this Report to easily track the success of the Voucher and which Customers used it.

The Report is also useful to track any Vouchers that were given out to account for specific Customers, Order mistakes, or another reason.

Keep in mind that the Payment Voucher Report only lists Payment Vouchers (reduce price by a set dollar amount), not Discount Vouchers (reduce price by a percentage).

Make the Report

To generate the Report, go to the Reports Module. Click Payment Vouchers.

  1. Select the Date Range by which to view the Report data.

  2. A User can view data for Sites that they have User access to. If you want to see a specific Site or Location, select which one, or else select 'All'.

  3. Click 'Generate'.

The Report lists the following:

  • Customer Name

  • Contact Name

  • Order Number

  • Order Date

  • Order Grand Total

  • Payment Voucher Amount

  • Payment Voucher Name

The Report will look like below:

That's how to generate a Payment Voucher Report!

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