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Payment Voucher

Add a Payment Voucher or Gift Card to be used by Customers

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Payment Vouchers are a great way to give Customers' online Vouchers, or Gift Cards to use on an Order. Payment Vouchers are Post-Tax, Price Reductions that reduce an Order price by a set dollar amount.

Remember that Payment Vouchers are applied Post-Tax, so be aware of how this might influence your accounting before adding one.

  1. Go to the Setup > Features > Payment Voucher.

  2. Click Add Voucher.

  3. Enter Voucher Details as needed.

  4. When all the necessary details are entered, click Save Voucher.

Payment Voucher Details

  • Voucher Code: A Voucher Name. How you want to refer to the Voucher and the name or number you give to Customers to use at Checkout.

  • Valid From and To: Date range when the Voucher will be available to use.

  • Order From and To: Date range of Order Fulfillment Dates when a Voucher can be used.


    • Normal: Use multiple times by the same Customer Contact until the expiration date.

    • Single Use: Can be used only once by a Customer Contact.

    • One Use Per Day Per Contact: A Customer Contact can't use the Voucher more than once in a day.

Payment Vouchers show up like this:

To Edit the details, click View/Edit.

To Delete the Voucher, click Delete.

That's how to add a Payment Voucher!

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โ€‹Note: Payment Vouchers must be turned on by a Spoonfed Support Specialist. If you don't see Payment Vouchers in your Features tab, reach out to a Spoonfed team member to activate this feature.

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