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Create Multiple Individual Invoices at Once
Create Multiple Individual Invoices at Once

Learn how to make multiple separate invoices at the same time, saving time

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Along with adding Multiple Orders on one Invoice, Spoonfed allows you to quickly create Multiple Individual Invoices at once. Simply check each Order to Invoice in the Awaiting Invoice Tab, then click Invoice Selected.

A great way to save time is to search for a specific group of Orders that need to be invoiced. Multiple search filters can be used at once to find specific types of Orders to Invoice. This can include:

  • Date Range

  • Customer Orders

  • Orders for only one Site/Location.

Follow the Steps Below for Further Instruction:

Find and Group the Orders to Invoice

  1. Start by clicking Invoice Module, then the Awaiting Invoice Tab.

  2. Search for a specific group of Awaiting Invoices, like all Orders from one Customer.

Make Separate Invoices for Multiple Orders

  1. Check the boxes near the Order to select it to Invoice.

  2. Check the box at the top of the columns to select all the Orders on the page.

  3. Click Invoice Selected.

  4. A pop-up appears, showing how many separate Invoices there are to process.

  5. Click Create Invoices.

    1. As the Invoices process, they will show up in Processed.

    2. Any Invoices that fail to process show up in Failed.

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