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Once you've entered, and tested, your payment gateway details into Spoonfed (see Setup > Online > Payment), your ready to let your Customers - old and new - pay you whenever they Order Online.

The process for this article relates to 'non-tokenized' card transactions (we have a tokenized option with our integration - please see the article - here). 

When a Customer is placing an Order Online, unless you have specifically allowed the On Account option in the Customer Details TAB, they will have to pay by card before the Order is confirmed.  


Just before we look at this process, what happens if the Customer's payment fails or it they abandon the Order during the payment process?

We have a special category for this - we call it Abandoned. You'll find this in the Order Module sub-menu. Abandoned Orders do not form part of Draft or Confirmed Orders - we highlight them to allow you the change to contact the Customer to see if they want to follow through with the Order. If they wish to - then you can convert the Abandoned Order to a Live Order using the related Button.

Online Card Payment

When the Customer successfully completes the Card Payment, both they and you will receive a Confirmation Email -  confirming both the Order and the Payment.

They won't receive a further invoice from Spoonfed. If they lose this Confirmation, which they will probably require for expenses, then you can send them another one using the RECONFIRM button on the Order Detail TAB.

Amending or Cancelling Orders

You can enable the Amend and Cancel Order option in Setup > Online Ordering > Options. This will allow the Customer to Edit or Cancel a previously entered Order (within your cut-off limit).

If an Order previously paid by card is edited and increased in value by a Customer then on checkout they will be asked to pay the difference between the original amount and the new Order value. Again they will receive an email confirming the amended Order and payment.

If the payment fails, then they will receive an email confirming the change but informing them that the Order needs to be paid for (you will also receive this email). The Order will also be displayed in the Awaiting Payment page (Orders sub-menu). The fact that a payment is due is also indicated to on the face of the Dashboard in the Snapshot table.

Payment may be made via Payment Link or using a virtual terminal (for details - see here)

Suppose, on the other hand, that the Order is reduced in value. The Customer will receive an amended Confirmation Email, copied to you - and  the Order will again display in the Awaiting Payment page. This time, however, the payment due will show as a negative (i.e. an amount due back to the Customer). You can refund this amount to the Customer using the RECONFIRM button and selecting the option to Refund and Confirm. Please note that depending on your payment gateway provider, the original transaction may need to be settled before a Refund can be processed.

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