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Create a Multi-Order Invoice

Create an Invoice with multiple Orders included

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Along with creating Multiple Separate Invoices at Once, Spoonfed allows you to add multiple Orders to one Invoice. It's a great way for Customers to collectively pay for multiple Orders they've made with one charge.

Make sure this feature is enabled. If you don't see the option to Multi-Order Invoice, reach out to a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner to activate the feature.

  1. Go to the Invoice Module, then the Awaiting Invoice Tab.

  2. Search for a specific group of Awaiting Invoices, like all Orders from one Customer.

  3. Find the first Order to Invoice.

  4. Click Invoice.

  5. A pop-up appears, allowing you to select more Orders to add to the Invoice.

    1. Only Orders with the same Customer can be Invoiced together.

  6. Check each box near an Order to include it. Check the box at the top of the columns to check all the Orders.

    1. A red triangle near an Order indicates that the Invoice Address is different from the Original Order.

    2. A yellow triangle near the Order indicates that the Purchase Order Number assigned to that Order is different from the one originally selected. This means that the Orders might not be intended to be Invoiced together.

    3. Click Filter By then Search to see all the Orders sorted by Purchase Order Number. This can help you know which Orders should be Invoiced together.

    4. You can also search for the Orders by Individual Site.

  7. Once all the Orders are selected, scroll down and click Next.

  8. Double check that all the Invoice Information is correct.

  9. Click Create Invoice.

View and Edit Multi-Order Invoice

  1. In the Invoice Tab, a Multi-Invoice will say Multiple under the Order No. Column.

  2. Click the pencil button to View the Invoice and see which Orders were included.

Remove or Add Order in a Multi-Order Invoice

Once the Invoice is made, Orders can't added or removed. The Invoice must be Voided and re-done.

That's how to create a Multi-Invoice!

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