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Void an Invoice

An Order that has been Invoiced can't be edited unless voided

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**Invoice Voiding must be Enabled on your account before preceding. To turn on this feature, speak with a Spoonfed Support Specialist**

Voiding an invoice is an easy way to make changes to an order that was already invoiced.

Keep in mind that If you void an Invoice to then edit an Order, you MUST re-Invoice the order. Be sure to make the necessary changes in your Financial System to account for this.

Watch the following video for a step-by-step visual instruction:

Was My Order Invoiced?

If an order is greyed out and won't allow buttons to be clicked or changes to be made, it was already invoiced and thus, is unable to edit. An invoiced order will look like this:

Void an Invoice:

An Invoiced Order is grayed out and unable to edit. To make changes to the Order, the Invoice must be Voided. This will cancel any payments made to that invoice.

In the Invoice Page, click the Void Button at the bottom left corner.

Find Invoice Link in the Order

Click the Invoice Link to go straight to the Invoice. It's found on Order Details Page under Invoice Details.

You can also search for an Invoice to Void within the Invoice Module.

Void Invoice Steps

  1. On the Invoice page, scroll to the bottom and click Void.

  2. A pop-up appears to confirm the Void. Once Voided, the Invoice can't be Unvoided.

  3. Click Void Invoice.

  4. Once Voided, you can access the Order and make any changes needed. This also allows you to send out BEO Reports for the Order.

Why does the Invoice say it can't be Voided?

If you don't see the Void Button at the bottom left corner, the Invoice likely has Payment Allocations attached to it.

An Invoice with Payments allocated to it cannot be Voided. To Void an Invoice with Payment Allocations, you must first remove the Payments.

That's how to Void an Invoice!

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