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Filter Item Types in Production Report
Filter Item Types in Production Report

Use Item Types to find specific Items needed for upcoming Orders to easily track inventory

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Filtering by Item Type allows you to check what inventory you need for a given time frame. You can search for and create a printable report within the Production Module for specific Item Types.

To make this the most effective, make sure that Items are properly categorized in the correct Item Type. This way, you can easily track what types of Items are ordered within a given timeframe.

Display View

In the Production Module, choose to Display the Reports by 'Item' or 'by Order.'

Display By Order

Lists the Production Reports by Order Number.

Display By Item

Lists the Production Reports by Item Type.

Filter by Item Type

With either Display View, you can choose to view only Orders or Items that fit within a specific Item Type.

By Item

Only shows Items that have been Ordered fitting within the Item Type.

By Order

Only shows Orders that have Items fitting within that Item Type.

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