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Print Orders for Production
Print Orders for Production

Download and print a production report that groups order contents by item type or menu, and includes order details, item details and notes.

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Watch the video tutorial below for a summary of Production Reports to print 'By Order.'

Order Detail Reports can help kitchen staff prep for upcoming orders and track inventory.

  1. Specify what kinds of by filtering by Date, Order Number, Catering Site/Location, and more in the search parameters. The Display View should say By Order.

  2. Click Search.

  3. Any Orders that match this search criteria show up below.

  4. For any Order that you want to display in the Production Module, check the orange box under 'Show On Report.'

Orders Summary

A basic Summary of each Order set to be made for the search parameters selected.

Orders Detail by Item

Sorts each order by the Items within each Menu selected.

Orders Detail by Menu

Sort each Order by the Menus selected.


An excel file document that lists all the Order Production details.

For Internal Use Only Tick Box

'For Internal Use Only' means that any Internal Notes attached to an Order will show up on the Production Report. In an Order, those are added here:

Read about how to Print Orders for Production by Item Here.

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