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Add Tags to group Multiple Sites
Add Tags to group Multiple Sites

Group Sites or Locations together to unify Reporting, Menu Availability, and more

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What is a Tag?

Tags are ways to group Multiple Sites that share similar Menus and/or Tax Codes together.

Adding a Tags is an effective way to group like Sites and Locations. This helps with making Menus Available for only a specific set of Sites while keeping other Sites from seeing the same Menu. It can also help with viewing a Calendar by only that Tag or giving a User specific Permissions only related to a Tag.

For Making Menus Only Available for Some Sites

Create a Tag that includes each Site a Menu should be available for. Once saved, that Tag appears in the "Available For" option of a Menu. This way, don't have to make a new Menu for each Site whilst ensuring certain Sites don't show this Menu. The tag allows you to exclude those one or two Sites.

Create a Tag

  1. Go to Setup > Organization > Multiple Sites.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Find the box labeled 'Tag."

  4. Enter a Tag name.

  5. For Sites with multiple Tags, separate each Tag with a comma.

  6. Copy the Tag to paste to other Sites.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Add that same Tag to each Site to include in the group.

Add Tag To Menu Availability

  1. Once the Tag is added to all the Sites, go to the Menu Module.

  2. Click to Edit a Menu.

  3. In 'Allocate Menu to Site,' click the drop down to allocate the Tag.

Search Calendar by Tags

  1. In the Calendar Module, search for scheduled Orders by a Tag.

  2. You then only see Orders set for Sites within that Tag.

  3. This is helpful for a User who manages various Sites to view all of the Orders set to be fulfilled without worrying about the Orders not within their oversight.

That's how to utilize Tags to group like Sites in Spoonfed!

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