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Add an Item in the Item Page
Add an Item in the Item Page

Learn how to add Food Items in the new Menu Module

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Read below to learn how to utilize the new Item Page and add Items from it. This is the best way to record all Item data and add Items to Menus without having to enter new details with each new Menu.

Watch the short tutorial below:

Add Food Item from Item Page

  1. Start at the Item Page in the Menu Module.

  2. Click Add Item at the top right corner.

  3. In Add New Item, select 'Food.'

Details Tab

The Detail Tab is where to enter any essential Item information that the Customer or Kitchen Staff will need such as Price, Dietary Details, and Modifiers.

Left Column - Necessary Details

  1. Fill out the Required Item Details. These include the:

    1. Item Name

    2. Item Code - Can help to better identify the Item in inventory and accounting.

    3. Item Type - Indicates kitchen station Item is made in or how Item is categorized.

    4. Price - Each Item must have a Price entered, even if that Price is $0.

  2. Other Details to enter that are not required, but can be useful to include are:

    1. Item Image

    2. Item Description - For Customers to read details about the Item on the Online Ordering Site.

    3. Production Notes - For the kitchen staff and catering team to view when making the order.

    4. Tax Code - The Tax Code automatically applies the Default set in your system. If this Item has a different Tax Code, change it here.

Allergens and Dietary Details

If your food meets any Dietary Restrictions, such as Vegan or Gluten Free, indicate that here. You can also list allergies that the food has, like nuts, dairy, and more.

To read more about adding Allergens and Dietary Details, Click Here.

Portion and Energy Value

If enabled, scroll down to input Portion Sizes, Item Measurements, and Caloric Values.

Speak with a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner to find out how to enable this feature and read more about inputting calories and nutritional values with the link.

Energy Value Descriptions

  • Item Size - Portion size of the Item.

  • Measure - Unit of measurement used to describe the Item Size.

  • Base Energy Value - How many calories are in the Item per portion.

  • Upper Energy Value - If a range of calories, enter the highest range number here.

  • Display Suffix - Enter how to display what portion the calories represent.

    • i.e. per each, calories, per sandwich

Nutritional Information

In this section, you can input any other Nutritional Information needed to describe what contents are in the Food. Click the Orange button to toggle between viewing and not viewing the Nutritional Information.

Once all information is entered, click Save.

Menu Tab

Watch the short tutorial below:

The Menus Tab shows you which Menus the Item is included in.

  • Click the Menu Name to go to that Menu Details Page.

  • Adjust the price of that Item in a specific Menu.

  • Adjust the Tax Code of the ITem in a specific Menu.

Click Save after making any changes.

Add Item to a Menu

Add saved Items to any Menu.

  1. In the Items Tab of a Menu, click to expand the Section.

  2. Click Add Item.

  3. Enter the Item Name in the drop down box.

  4. Any Items that match this name show up to select.

  5. Choose the Item. All data will auto-fill to the Menu.

Further Reading

That's how to add Food Items in Menu Module V2!

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