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Add Allergen Labels and Dietary Restrictions to Items
Add Allergen Labels and Dietary Restrictions to Items

Add Allergens to Food that might have common allergies

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Spoonfed allows you to add Allergens for a number of different foods. This can help to keep Customers safe and aware of the ingredients in the Food.

Be sure to only include Allergens or Dietary Labels for Items that you know need them. If you aren't sure that an Item is Vegan, don't put that it's Vegan, even if the ingredients make it seem so.

Watch the short tutorial below:

Add Allergens and Dietary Restrictions to an Item

  1. Start on the Items Page of the Menu Module

  2. Search for the Item using Filters or the Search Bar.

  3. Click the left three dots near the Item to Edit. Click Edit. You can also click the Item Name to Edit.

  4. In the Details Tab, find the Section 'Allergens & Dietary Details'.

  5. Add any Allergens or Dietary Restrictions that the food includes within the respective boxes.

  6. Once selected, the label appears in an orange box on the right. Click the X to delete this label.

Dietary Restrictions include labeling for:

  • Hot

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Halal

  • Kosher

When adding a Menu the Dietary Label shows up under the Dietary Column.

On the Online Ordering Site

The Online Ordering Site Version 3.0 shows Allergens and Dietary Labels like this:

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