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Create a New Menu by Duplicating Another
Create a New Menu by Duplicating Another

Making a new menu is easy when using the format of a past menu

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Watch the short video for a tutorial on Duplicating Menus:

Why Should I Duplicate a Menu?

Creating a new Menu can be time consuming. If you already have Menus entered into the system, Spoonfed offers a duplicate feature that lets you create new Menus by copying others of the same format.

If you want to create another Fixed Price Lunch Menu with specific Availability and Item Choices that match other previously-made Lunch Menus, you might duplicate one of these previously-made Menus instead of making a new one. Duplicating the Menu copies all original data and format whilst enabling you to make edits where needed.

Duplicating a Menu is advised to make a new Menu that has the same:

Duplicate a Menu

The process is quick and easy.

  1. Go to the Menu Page of Menu Module.

  2. Click Filter in the top right corner. Filter Menus by the Category this new Menu fits into. You can also filter by Date or Time Range if this is the format you want to copy.

  3. Click Apply Filters.

  4. These Menu Categories likely have the same format of the new Menu.

    1. Make sure the Menu Type matches what you need from New Menu. A Fixed Price Menu can't be changed to an A La Carte Menu.

    2. Click Edit near the Menu to double check its format before duplicating.

  5. Click Back to Menus to go back to the Menu Page.

  6. Click the three dots on the right side page near the Menu.

  7. Click Duplicate.

  8. A pop up makes sure you want to Duplicate the Menu. Click Duplicate.

  9. An exact copy of the Menu is now made.

Rewrite the Duplicated Menu

Update the Details Tab

  1. First, enter the New Menu Details on the Left Column, including the Menu Name, Image, and Code.

  2. Each Menu needs an individual code that can't match other Menus. Re-enter the code to match the New Menu Name.

  3. Since the format from the first Menu was copied, we might not need to update other details in the Details Tab.

  4. Once all the Details are updated to match the New Menu, click Save.

Double Check Menu Availability

If the Menu you've duplicated from is similar in format to the New Menu, you likely don't need to update the Menu Availability Section.

If you have a specific Menu Availability set for one Category, Duplicating is an easy way to make sure these features are copied over when adding New Menus.

Update the Items Tab

  1. Click the Items Tab.

  2. Click 'Expand All' to view all Items in each Section.

    1. In this example, the same Sides and Beverages are included in the New Menu. The only Item that changes is the Sandwich Entree.

  3. Re-type the Menu Item Details into the Section.

  4. Click the X on the right hand side of the Menu to delete the original Menu Item.

  5. Click Add New Item.

  6. Add the New Menu Item to the Section.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Follow these steps for any other Sections or Items to updated.

New Menu Created

You now have a New Menu! This process can be faster than creating an entirely New Menu from scratch, especially if the format matches that of Menus already made.

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