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Add Modifiers to Items

Learn how to use the new Modifier Group Feature within the Menu Module

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What is a Modifier?

Within a Menu, Spoonfed offers the ability to take standard Items and add any number of different Modifier Types - each with its own set of Options.

What is a Modifier Used For?

Modifiers provide flexibility in Spoonfed to allow your Customers to order exactly what they want. If you offer individual lunches, Modifiers are a great way to allow for personalization and up-selling. They can account for add-ons like extra protein and ingredient choice.

To explore more upselling options, learn more about Supplement Items and Extras Sections.

Modifiers can be used for more than just food. They can allow a Customer to choose sizes like a Small, Medium, or Large portion.

Modifier Set Up

Choose whether or not to allow Customers the option to add Modifiers within the Online Ordering Page. By default the option to modify Items is disabled. To enable the feature, go to Setup - Online Ordering - Options. Check the Modifier Box. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Create a Modifier Group

Before adding a Modifier to a Menu Item, you must create a Modifier Group.

  1. Go to the Menu Module. Choose the Items Page.

  2. Click Modifier Groups at the top right page.

  3. Click Add Modifier Group.

    1. In this example, we're creating a Cheese Choice Modifier Group to add to the Hamburger Item.

  4. Enter the Name of the Modifier Group that explains what options the Customer is choosing from.

  5. Enter a Min or Max Quantity to limit how many choices a Customer can select. Setting a Minimum Quantity to 1 will make the Customer choose a Modifier before they place the order.

  6. Click 'Add Option' to add the Modifier Options that a Customer has to choose from.

    1. If you've added this Option before, it will appear to select in a drop down box.

    2. If the Modifier needs a Supplement Charge, add that in the Supplement box.

  7. Add each Modifier Option until you enter them all.

  8. Click Save.

Add a Modifier Group to an Item

Once the Modifier Group is made, you need to add it to the Menu Item it Modifies.

  1. Start at the Items Page in the Menu Module

  2. Find the Item to add the Modifiers to and click Edit.

  3. Scroll to the bottom to find the section called Modifier Group.

  4. Click 'Add Modifier Group.'

  5. Search the Modifier Group and select it from the drop down box.

  6. Click Save.

That is how to add Modifiers to Menu Items, giving your Customers yet another way to customize their catering orders.

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