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Should I Create an Item Supplement or an Extras Section?
Should I Create an Item Supplement or an Extras Section?

The best way to add Up-Charges and Up-Sells to Fixed Price Menus

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Spoonfed lets you Add Up-Charges and Up-Sell Items to Fixed Price Menus. But you need to know how you want to add these added charges to a Menu. Supplements and Extras are great ways to account for added costs within the Online Ordering Process.

Read on to figure out which one best suits your catering needs.

Another option to add choices to individual Menu Items is to include Modifiers. Learn more about Modifiers Here.

A Supplement Menu Item

A Supplement is connected to the Fixed Price Menu quantity and portion sizes. You can't order more or less Supplemental Menu Items than have been selected in the Menu.

Supplements are generally used to account for Items that are a part of the included Menu, but have an added cost associated with them. This might be a more premium entree selection, or adding a more expensive side to a meal instead of the standard.

Read more about adding Supplements in Menu.

An Extras Section

An Extras Section, however, puts an A La Carte Menu Section within a Fixed Price Menu. You can order more or less Extra Menu Items than have been selected in the Menu.

These are generally used to include a different Menu within a Menu that you want to upsell. for example, you can list optional beverages as an Extras Section in a Fixed Price Menu. The Customer will then see the options without having to navigate to a separate part of the Online Ordering Site.

Extras Sections are also useful to add optional service or labor costs that a Customer may want to Order with an event.

Read more about adding Extras Sections in a Menu.

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